Clarity Glass

We have New Glass Clarity by Larson Juhl for picture frames is water white and virtually invisible. With its amazing anti-glare and reflection characteristics, Clarity by Larson-Juhl is an immediate contender for use in displays requiring museum glass or art glass, where exhibits are required to be shown in optimum conditions.

Newly Hanging System

Mainframe has launched Newly, Newly is a totally new concept in the World of picture hanging and displaying systems. The art of hanging art is art and your valuable pieces deserve the maximum attention, the way to do it is very important! The perfect combination between easiness, quality, and invisibility create the most suitable system for hanging and displaying! Newly offers a one-stop-shopping system which secures you via the latest developments a perfect solution, easy, safe and simple!

Smart Bags

Protecting, Storing and transporting your precious artworks can now be easy, safe and secure without the need for disposable bubble wrap, tape and card. The Breen smART bag delivers the protection you need, takes up less space when packing and best of all you can reuse it again and again. • Re-sealable with a velcro strip • Strong & shock absorbent • Lined with a soft acid-free lining • Moisture absorbent • Mildew & mould repellent • Water Resistant • Insulating • Lightweight

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