Creativity knows no bounds. It dwells amongst us, constantly in need of appreciation and encouragement. Mainframe galleries aim to explore all creative avenues that epitomize excellence in all artistic disciplines. It will be our endeavor to provide a platform to the upcoming as well established artists to present their works to the global art arena. MainFrame is an initiative of Shahzad Saeed Ahmad where all your creative requirements for viewing, buying and framing artworks are met. We are very proud of maintaining our dominant position within the marketplace, which has been achieved through our continued commitment to exceptional design, Competitive pricing and professional, friendly service. In our vast selection of art works, there is something for everyone. We have built our collection over the decade, which includes numerous rare and immensely valuable artworks. And when it comes to finding the prefect frame that will highlight the beauty of your artworks, MainFrame has a vast array of high quality products to offer. We have over 20 years of experience in framing that we now offer to our clients in Karachi. Our product portfolio consisting of Museum quality glasses and mountboards, high quality wooden and plastic frames, and cutting edge machinery remains unmatched in Pakistan.